Too Good To Be True

A sweet deal on a Spanish Rolling Block made for an outstanding custom project.
by Dominick Pisano
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Stock Stiffening: A New And Effective Way

This somewhat unusual, but very effective, method of adding rigidity to a target stock resembles endoscopic surgery in its approach, but the result is better accuracy.

by Norman E. Johnson
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Antique Shotgun Buttplate Repair

There was no replacement buttplate to be had for this 130 year old shotgun, so a repair was the best option. Here’s how I repaired a Wm. R. Burkhard shotgun sent in for major stock repair.

by Norman Johnson
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Choosing And Fitting Custom Grip Panels

More than simply a handle, stocks and grips can add function, good looks and personality to your project.

by RK Campbell
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Extreme Stock Repair

Old oil soaked wood stocks are hard to repair successfully unless you know these tricks.

by Paul Mazan
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